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Creation of Sharepoint Team Site

June 28, 2010 Comments off
¨Microsoft in its intranet environment gives teams a chance to explore SharePoint and we can create our own SharePoint site by going to ” ,http://sharepoint then select Asia/ South pacific.

Then Enter the title Name and Url name to give your SharePoint site a name on the next page shown below:

1. Before clicking on save  or create button to create a new site select  the template as TEAM SITE.

2. Then select an additional site collection administrator by providing microsoft email alias of another user, who can have full control to the site, apart from the user who is creating the site.

3. Click on create button.

View of a Default Team Site: ¨This is how the new team site will look like:

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Sharepoint Team Site

June 22, 2010 Comments off

A SharePoint Team Site is nothing but a dynamic website which helps in managing projects or teams.

Features of Team Site:

1. A Team site can be used to share documents among the team members using shared document library
2. Can be used to assign tasks to the team members.
3. Can be used to plan meetings and events in the project using calendar.
4. Can be used as a discussion board giving team members an open forum to discuss their ideas.

Uses of SharePoint Team Site for a Manager :

1. Can Plan tasks of the team.
2. Can review the document or artifact submitted by the team.
3. Can do Announcements for the team.
4. Can send mails to team for meetings.
5. Central repository for all the artifacts thus help in managing project related documents.

Uses of SharePoint Team Site for a Subordinate :

1. Can submit the document, work for review.
2. Multiple team members can work on excel sheet and other documents at the same time.
3. Can share ideas, pictures, blogs with the team.

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