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Virtual Document Manager

March 27, 2010 Comments off

One of the most important feature in documentum is the virtual document manager. Virtual document is a document which enables the user to link several related documents together.

 In a virtual document there are links to many related documents which together will constitute a single document known as virtual document.

 A virtual document does not actually contain any documents .It consists of the links to the various documents. The documents will remain in their original position in the repository and the link to that position is copied into the virtual document so that when we click on the document inside the virtual document the document will be displayed from the original location itself. The document link is can be put in the virtual document simply by dragging it into an empty position. Also documents can be added and deleted from a virtual document section.

A virtual document will consist of the following parts:

1. Assemblies-A virtual document itself is an assembly of related documents. This virtual document will consist of many subassemblies inside the main assembly. An assembly is a collection of a group of documents which are linked to each other in a more granular level. Each individual assembly can be saved separately or can be stored as a whole along with the main virtual document assembly.

2. Sections-A section is a part of a virtual document which is a collection of many related assemblies. A section is somewhat similar to the cabinet in a wardrobe. Each virtual document will have many sections containing many assemblies. The status of each section can promoted or demoted.

3. Links to related documents-Each document shown in the virtual document is not a copy the actual document; instead it’s a link pointing to the original document inside the repository.

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