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Status of the Virtual Document and its sections

March 27, 2010 Comments off

A virtual document can have a particular status according to the modifications that can be made in the present documents in the virtual document. The virtual document can have 4 Statuses:

  • Unfrozen
  • Chilled
  • Published
  • Frozen.

Out of the four statuses Unfrozen and Frozen are the primary status and Chilled and Published are just intermediate stages.

When a Virtual document is unfrozen, we can make changes to the document that the virtual document points by checking out that document (Through VDM) and editing its contents. After the edition is done and the document is saved and checked back in then the Virtual document will now point to the new version of the document so that the changes come into effect and not the old version.

When a document is frozen then the links that point to the document are permanent. Once a new version of the document is created the link in the virtual document will still be pointing to the previous document itself (i.e. the document version that the virtual document was pointing to when it was frozen) .Even though the new version of the document will exist in the repository the virtual document will be pointing to the old version which the virtual document was pointing to when the virtual document was frozen.

A virtual document status can be promoted from unfrozen to frozen or demoted from frozen to unfrozen. Even each section of the virtual document can be frozen or unfrozen individually.

 The most important feature of documentum is that it is customizable and so the company or individual purchasing it can customize the application according to his own convenience.

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