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Documentum Process Management Features

March 22, 2010 Comments off

Process Management in CMS


–          A workflow formalizes a business process such as an insurance claims process or an engineering development process. After the business process is formalized in a workflow definition, users can use the definition to repeatedly perform the business process.

–          Workflows can describe simple or complex business processes. A workflow can be serial, with activities occurring one after another and only one activity in progress at a time. A workflow can be parallel i.e. consist of two or more activities, all happening concurrently. Or, a workflow can combine serial and concurrent activity sequences.

–          You can also create a cyclical workflow in which the completion of an activity restarts a previously completed activity. For example, SOW documents which require re-validation over a period of time.

Life Cycle:

–          A lifecycle is a set of states that define the stages in an object’s life. The states are connected linearly.

–          An object attached to a lifecycle progresses through the states as it moves through its lifetime. A change from one state to another is governed by business rules. The rules are implemented as requirements that the object must meet to enter a state, actions to be performed on entering a state, and actions to be performed after entering a state.

–          You cannot attach a lifecycle definition to a lifecycle i.e. one life cycle can not use another life cycle in its definition.

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