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DBOF Configurations

May 5, 2010 Comments off

We Know DBOF lives wherever DFC lives, either on the Content Server or Application Server, or on any of the other clients. The following Steps need to be tracked when we are trying to configure DBOF :

1) Configure DMCL.ini to both access DocBase and enable session pooling. Add the following entry to the [DMAPI_CONFIGURATION] section :

connect_pooling_enabled = T

When installing Documentum, a file with the name DMCL.ini is created in the folder


Example: C:/SYSROOT/system32.

2) Make sure dfc.jar is referenced by the CLASSPATH environment variable of your JVM running the application, dfc.jar is in ‘Shared’ folder under Documentum installation folder.

Example: C:/Program Files/Documentum/Shared

3) Make sure dmcl40.dll is in a directory referenced by the PATH variable. By default the file is placed in folder C:/Program Files/Documentum/Shared.

4) The DFC_DATA system variable must refer to the directory containing Documentum configuration information, usually C:\Documentum. This needs to be a directory that has an immediate subdirectory called C:\Documentum\config. This is where the file is also located.

5) Make sure TBO classes and SBO classes are configured in file on
Application Server.

6) The is editable file. As part of best practices the file should be edited by a program using IDfDbor and IDfDborEntry interfaces provided in DFC classes.The entries in file will
look like:

doc_request=type, com.bp.customObj.DocumentRequestTBO, 1.0

DocumentRequestTBO, ICreateFolderSBO and CreateFolderSBO are the java classes
created for providing our own business logic.doc_request is the custom object type defined in DocBase. One can create custom object types using Documentum DA. ‘type’ represents Type Based Object followed by full class name, 1.0 represents the version number of the class to be used.

The second line represents the mapping of SBO, as the identifier ‘service’ mentions.

7) Make sure TBO and SBO compiled classes are accessible from class path variable on
Application server.

I will try to bring in how to implement the concept of BOF in Documentum in my coming Posts.

Appreciate your comments.

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