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BOCS Implementation

November 13, 2010 Comments off

A BOCS server can be implemented in two different Distributed models.

Single Model-1 and Single Model -2

Lets see How a Single Model-1 Systems Works.

Single repository with content persistently stored at primary site and accessed using ACS or BOCS servers.

In this model, remote users connect through web browser, using a WDK-based client application. They access content stored at the primary site, through either an ACS or BOCS server. The ACS server is a content server dedicated to serving content. It does not process metadata nor write content to storage. It only processes content requests. The BOCS server is a separate product. It is a caching server that communicates only with ACS servers. Like the ACS server, it does not handle metadata requests or write content to storage.

Both the ACS and BOCS servers use HTTP or HTTPS protocol to serve content to clients. Single model 1 is the preferred model when remote users are accessing repository content through a web-based application, such as WebTop. There are two alternative configurations for this model. The configurations differ in how users at remote sites access the content at the primary site. In the first alternative, remote sites have a BOCS server installed and clients at each remote site use that BOCS server to access content. In the second basic configuration, users at remote sites have only web clients, and they access content using the ACS server at the primary site.

Alternative 1: BOCS servers at remote sites communicating with primary site

The Systems are not representing the individual systems or users they are representing the Geographical locations.


2: Remote sites, without BOCS servers, using primary site’s ACS server


The Model one has architecture of having single repository in an N/W distributed environment, where model one and combined form of alternatives of model one and two are very common Industry configuration, they are preferred over the alternative two for model 1. Or there can be one combined situation also when both of the configuration may exist simultaneously in a combine form, as shown in following figure. It has single BOCS server serving to all of the system irrespective of the geographical location from where the client is accessing the Content Server. But the architecture changes when we have more than one Content storage are referred by the Content server; it is explained in model 2.


Two alternatives for single model 1 combined


Benets and best use

This model requires the least amount of administrative overhead. It is easy to set up

and configure, and ongoing administration needs are minimal. There are no content

replication jobs to define, administer, and run. This model is not available for users on Desktop clients.

In my next Post , i will bring out the implementation of BOCS in Single Model-2.

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