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An Introduction to Autonomy Interwoven Teamsite

May 13, 2010 Comments off

Autonomy Interwoven Teamsite is a Content Management Solution. Team Site is a tool used for Web Content Management.This tool employs a hybrid architecture which offers file and database versioning, a user friendly workflow engine, support for windows and a high availability.

TeamSite Templating renders a highly configurable way to:

o Enable the user to enter, edit and store data or input.
o Specify the look and feel of the data to be shown.
o Incorporate other interwoven features/products like TeamSite Workflow and DataDeploy, etc with the data entered.

Some of its important features include :

1. Hybrid Architecture – The important features of this include:

• The ability for using file content without much expense of time and effort.
• Proper management of the content.
• Automatic storage of content to a database whenever it is created or updated.

2. An Easy Workflow Engine– This helps in:

• Improving management of project and guarantee reliability of the data.
• It has a better advanced user interface.
• Fast identification of the task assigned to individuals and manages them.
• Results in a shorter project development cycle.
• Offers more command over the production process.

3. Corroborate with Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Server Annexes – It provides:

• Reinforcement for Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Server annexes.
• Gives a better admittance to FrontPage Webs and Visual InterDev projects from inside the tool itself.

4. Multi-byte Sustenance– This includes:

• Allows both single-byte and multi-byte content to be entered and shown.
• Provides metadata management in topical dialect enabling the matter to be comfortably searched and utilized across multiple enterprises.
• Allows management of the entire material/content lifecycle in local dialect.

5. High Availability (HA) – The Team Site Server is highly accessible and provides:

• Higher security for the business information.
• Safeguard the content present in TeamSite by regularly saving the in-cache content to the disk enabling fast data retrieval.

6. Hardware Requirements – The following should be kept in mind:

• Dual CPU server should be used if data record searches are to be employed.
• For the Java based interface, an extra 60MB space is needed.
• The java templating on the client machine needs 20MB space.
• For Solaris, it can be run on Sparc/ UltraSparc platforms.

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