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ACS Implementation

November 12, 2010 Comments off

The Architecture/Implementation of ACS to the Documentum Environment can be best described as in below:

In the above figure the application can be connected to the Repository through the ACS server or can be connected directly. The ACS server may or may not be serving to all of the repositories on the content server. It will depend on the configuration that we have done (as discussed in my previous posts) , whether the ACS config object is configured for that repositories and whether the client application is specified in the Network location or not.

DCTM Architecture

March 23, 2010 Comments off

Documentum Architecture

Docbases are supported by a three-tiered architecture , as in below figure.

• At the top level, client applications allow users to create, edit, and view documents and modify metadata.

• At the middle level, Content Server handles requests from Documentum client applications. Application logic is located on the server, and RDBMS calls are made using server API calls.

• At the bottom level, the RDBMS server and the operating system handle requests from Content Server and store information on the file system or in RDBMS tables.


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