About hKRISH

Howdy Users,

I am HariKishan; you can call me ‘HKrish’.

A Documentum & Salesforce Resource Specialized in Installations, Application Development and General Troubleshooting of CMS & CRM systems. This blog is dedicated to all the techies and newbies for  developing and running applications in various ECM & WCMS system and Salesforce Applications . Primarily I’m interested in learning how Documentum & Salesforce works ‘under the covers’ and share my experience with the folks who are looking out for solutions in their day-to-day development life.

Here I will try to bring in and gather all the activities and works that I have done and currently doing. This Weblog is dedicated to the more technical and esoteric aspects of developing CMS Applications and other Technologies viz. Right from Installations, Configurations, Deployments, Troubleshooting etc.

Your Comments will definitely help me in improving my Knowledge.

So Keep Watching.

  1. March 21, 2017 at 10:47 AM

    Hi Krish,
    Please grant me aacess to your blogs as I am not able to read your posts.
    I also belong to Documentum Technology.


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