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Configuring Documentum WebPublisher

June 7, 2011

There has been a lot of Emails floating to me these days regarding  Documentum WebPublisher Configuration and Setup. I myself being newbie to WebPublisher could not reply back , so thought of coming back with a research and small Proof-Of-Concept at my end.

Before we start discussing about Documentum WebPublisher (WP) Configuration , here are few of the Pre-Requisites we need to take care:

The following Software / Components have to be installed before the actual services are installed:

  • Application server (e.g. Tomcat server) into Target Web Server
  • Database Server (e.g. MS SQL server)
  • Documentum Content Server
  • Web Publisher Server Files on Content Server
  • Web Publisher on target Web Server
  • Site Caching Service (SCS) Source on Content server
  • Site Caching Service (SCS) Target on target Web server

Documentum WP helps in Publishing the content from Documentum repositories.

Steps to create  &  publish the content:

 1.Create a workflow template using workflow manager.  User can either use the desktop version of workflow manager or web version that can be accessed from Web Publisher.

 To start creation of a workflow template using desktop version of workflow manager

 a) Open Workflow Manager.

b) Log in to Workflow Manager as Web Publisher administrator. A Web Publisher administrator should have super user permissions.

c) Choose File->Open. Browse to System->Applications->Web Publisher folder and select a Web Publisher default workflow. For example, Submit to Web site. This opens a default Web Publisher workflow on which to base custom workflow.

d) Choose File->Save As and save the workflow with a name that represents the workflow. All workflows must be saved in System->Applications->WebPublisher-><user_defined_workflow_folder>. Create a new folder or save workflows to the Web Publisher root folder.

e) Validate the template.

f) Install the new workflow template

g) Make it available through Web Publisher.

To access workflow manager from Web Publisher, log in to Web Publisher as a Web Publisher administrator.

Goto Administration – > Web Publisher Admin->Workflow templates and repeat the steps from c to g.

2.    Create a new category under Templates in Web Publisher. Goto Site Manager -> Templates and create.

3.    Import a template to the new category that is created. Template provides layout for content.

4.     Assign default life cycle and the newly created workflow to the template.

5.    Make the template available for use.

6.    Create a web cabinet in Web Publisher.

7.    Create a folder in web cabinet.

8.    Create content using the newly created template in Web Publisher.

9.    Create a site publishing configuration in documentum administrator

             i.        Start Documentum Administrator and connect to the docbase as a superuser.

            ii.         Click Site Publishing.

           iii.        Create a new site-publishing configuration.

      iv.        Set values in the site-publishing configuration:

a.    Click Active. In the Version field, type Active.

b.    Click Publishing Folder and browse the Docbase to the website folder (web cabinet).

c.    Type the target host name. This is the host where the SCS target software is installed.

d.    Type the target port for making connections to the target host. The port entered must match the port specified at the time of installation of SCS (DefaultPort , 2789)

e.    Type the target root directory to which user wants to publish the content. To publish web pages to Apache Tomcat, give this as target directory:

C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.0\webapps\ROOT

f.     Choose the connection type.

g.    Click the Advanced tab. Select a new export directory or leave the default unchanged.

h.    Type the transfer user name, password, and domain. Enter the transfer authentication domain name that was provided during SCS target installation. Enter a valid username and password. Click Ok.

10. If the content that is created is not in a web-safe format, then convert it into web-ready format. This is done

a.    Login to WP as administrator and go to the Administration -> Web Publisher Admin -> Settings -> File Formats and define the file formats as “Web formats”, they will then be recognized as Web-safe formats.

b.    Set  a_special_app field of that content equal to “2” by update statement in DQL.

DQL query—

Update dm_document OBJECT SET a_special_app=’2’ where r_object_id=’<object id of the content which you want to publish>’

11. Log in to Web Publisher as Administrator.

12. Start the new workflow using Web Publisher.

13. Navigate to the content created.

14. Select the checkbox

15. Go to Tools

16. Select Workflow -> Start  

17. Assign a content author and web admin as administrator.

18.  Workflow tasks will appear in user’s inbox.

19. User can accept and forward the task to next user or reject it.

20. In Documentum Administrator, browse to the respective site configuration created. Select it and can then goto  tools tab ->Publish. Content is automatically published once it is approved.

Could not compress the article further , appreciate your patience, Hope the Post is useful and clarifies all the doubts as to How to Configure WP.

Awaiting Comments.

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