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Implementing Security in Documentum

November 17, 2010

Alias sets provide a means resolving attribute values that specify user and group names. This is an extremely powerful feature of Documentum because it allows you to design s, Lifecycles, and Workflows that can be used in multiple contexts without modification. Aliases are place holders for user names, group names, or folder paths.

Using aliases lets you write applications or procedures that can be used and reused in many situations because important information such as the owner of a document, a workflow activity’s performer, or the user permissions in a document’s is no longer hard coded into the application. Instead, aliases are placeholders for these values. The aliases are resolved to real user names or group names or folder paths when the application executes.

Similarly we have Permission templates which are created in the system with specific business needs and it refers to alias set. The templates can be applied on the individual object or group of objects. If a template is not explicitly applied to the object then a default template which is internally created by Documentum will be applied to the objects. Each object in the system that is created such as folders, documents, Workflows, lifecycles can be applied with individual permission. The application becomes even more flexible if you assign a template to the document. When the template is assigned to an object, the server creates a copy of the, resolves the aliases in the copy to real user or group names, and assigns the copy to the document. So when the actual template is changed with some permission information the copy normally gets updated.

Note: In some cases the copy of the template which is automatically created will not get updated. Some objects may be referring to the original Template that needs to be dereference and then the same needs to be applied.

Will bring out the difference between Alias Set and Permission Set in my Next Post.

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