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Introduction to ACS and BOCS

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The Accelerated Content Server (ACS ) server is a content server dedicated to serving content. It does not process metadata nor write content to storage. It only processes content requests. It gets installed automatically while installing the Documentum Content Server. After installation administrator needs to configure it for distributed environment.

Branch Office Caching Services (BOCS) is a lightweight server product running in the Apache Tomcat servlet container. BOCS serves content files to Web client end users from a local content cache. BOCS servers communicate only with ACS servers and do not interact with Content Servers or a repository’s supporting database. BOCS servers cannot write content to a repository. BOCS servers use the HTTP or HTTPS protocol to serve content. BOCS is used in distributed environments. BOCS is easily installed and has minimal administration requirements. The BOCS server is supported on the same platforms as Content Server. It needs to be configured for each repository.

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