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Integrated Document Management Solutions

November 1, 2010

Document management is defined as a system for controlling the capture (when created or received), classification (cataloguing), storage, retrieval, revision, sharing and reuse, protection, archiving of documents.  Documents include electronic and non-electronic objects.  Electronic objects include softcopy documents, e-mail, imaged material, e-fax etc. Non-electronic objects include paper, documentation, photographs, maps etc. The common processes of Integrated Document Management systems include :

  • Capture/Receive documents – document is received from an external source (could be electronic or physical papers)
  • Generate/Create – Document is created internally within the document management system
  • Indexing – facilitate identification of document by applying context relevant metadata to it.
  • Document formatting – convert the electronic document into appropriate format, like .pdf, .tiff etc
  • Store documents – document is stored in an online media (we are assuming that the IDM solution is electronic storage of all documents)
  • Retrieve documents – document retrieval facility for viewing and editing
  • Document Versioning – to be able to maintain multiple versions of document
  • Document manipulation – to be able to move and delete documents
  • Security – document need to be secured depending on the business and legal requirements
  • Workflow management – it’s an optional feature. Documents need to be routed to appropriate user groups based on the workflow
  • Archiving & Long term storage – document management system should provide scheduling feature to schedule document archival. The archiving could be a different storage location like CDs, microfilms or some hard disks
  • Long term retrieval of documents – document is retrieved as needed during its archived status from whatever the archival storage location
  • Purge/Dispose documents – documents need to be deleted when its no-longer needed

Will try to bring more about IDM in brief may be with a diagram in my next Post.

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