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Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS)

June 1, 2010

Windows Sharepoint Services is one of the components of Microsoft windows Server 2003. It is an efficient and powerful tool to manage documents, provide efficient collaboration environments, Content publishing and for organizing information. Windows Sharepoint Services and Sharepoint Portal Server 2003 together is termed as Microsoft Sharepoint products and Technologies.

WSS 3.0 architecture is designed in a way to provide scalability and reliability. Its logical architecture comprises of front end web servers, search server and a data base server. Some of the logical components are IIS application pools, web applications, content databases, site collections, sites, Host names site collections, server farms etc. These could be physically arranged as per the requirement.These components could be arranged in different ways depending on the evaluated tradeoffs and the sharing and isolation goals.

Usage of Windows sharepoint services:

1. WSS could be used by any business unit of any size in order to increase the efficiency and productivity. It helps people stay connected and access the necessary information with an ease across the geographic boundaries.
2. It puts up the foundation to the web based business applications and also provides robust administrative controls for storage management.
3. The web infrastructure is designed to give a cost-effective and collaborative environment with high-performance. WSS provide the ease and flex to adapt to the changing business and technical needs.

WSS are basically parts of web built into a webpage which can be accessed thorough browser. Windows Sharepoint services can be used effectively in association with Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Access, Infopath etc.

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