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Generating an Output Page from a Presentation Template

May 27, 2010 Comments off

Today i tried to lay down sequence of events that needs to be followed for generating  an output page using a Presentation template and DCRs.

Step1: Open the DCR of the required data type which is to be used for page generation.

Step2: Click ‘Generate’ button. A window will open up asking the user to select a Presentation template using which the output page is to be generated. The Presentation templates provided here are the one listed inside <presentation> tag for the data type in templating.cfg

Step3: Select a Presentation template, mention an output file name(One should not mention the extension, as extension will depend as per the configuration defined in templating.cfg) and click Generate.

On clicking Generate the output page gets generated inside the preview directory of the presentation template as specified in templating.cfg.

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