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Creation of Data Content Records (DCRs)

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We will be using the Interwoven Teamsite WebDesk Pro Templating features for creation of DCRs and generation of output pages.

A DCR is created when a user inputs data into a DCT. A DCR is essentially an XML document containing data entered by the user. The DCR have tag <record> as the root tag containing a number of <item> tags.

The data is present inside tag <value> which is nested inside tag <item>.

Let us look at how to create a DCR using a Interwoven TeamSite Templating interface

Step 1: Launch Interwoven TeamSite templating and browse to your workarea.

In the snapshot above, the workarea is Development_wa inside Developmet_branch. So as a first step we just browse to our Workarea ‘Development_wa’. This will list all the directories/files present inside Development_wa on the right side(as can be seen  in the snapshot).

Step 2: Select ‘New Data Record’ from the first menu bar from left.

Step 3 : Select the category and data type for which you need to capture data. The following screen comes up which asks you to select a category and data type. One needs to just browse to the category directory and one will find all the data types listed for that directory. On selection of a data type the data capture form gets displayed to the user.

Step 4 : Input some data into the data capture form.

Step 5: Save the DCR by clicking the Save option. By default the DCR will get saved in data directory of the selected data type.

Generating an Output Page from a Presentation Template in my Next Post.

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