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Business Objects Framework in Documentum

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Documentum Business Objects Framework (DBOF) is a new framework for developing and executing reusable business object components. The framework is built into DFC and
accessible from applications written using DFC.

DBOF provides a way for developers to hook their own logic into normal DFC procedures by extending DFC classes. DBOF lives wherever DFC lives, either on the Content Server or Application Server, or on any of the other clients.

There are two types of Documentum business objects type based business objects (TBO) and service based business objects (SBO).

Type Based Objects (TBO):

Type based objects are implemented as classes that extend basic persistent DFC types such as DfDocument, DfSysObject, DfPersistentObject, DfFolder, etc. They allow you to encapsulate business logic that is specific to a particular Docbase object type. In this case, DFC dynamically constructs an instance of the new subclass at runtime. Even when accessed by programs unaware of the new subclass.

There are two main reasons for creating a TBO:

1) To provide a new behavior for new or existing custom object types. For instance, a developer may decide to add getter and setter methods for object specific attributes or add new methods like adding a Product to a Catalog TBO.

2) Customizing low-level operations to enforce data validations, referential integrity and object specific business rules. For instance, a developer may decide to override the save() and checkinEx () methods to be able to validate data before saving them in the persistent storage.

In a TBO, typically the business rules and any other logic is implemented in the methods save(), checkout(), checkin(), saveLock(). Because checkout () and checkin () methods are final, the DFC system has provided methods checkinEx(…) and checkoutEx(…) methods for such operations.

Service Based Objects (SBO):

Service based objects are not tied to a specific Documentum object type. They are generalized objects that provide a specific service that may operateon different Documentum object types or other business objects.

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