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Assigning ACLs and Releasing Session in Docbase

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We can assign Permission sets or as they call ACLs to an object or document using API , DQL ,DAB , DA and DFC means inside docbase.

Assign a ACL to a document:

public void assignACL() throws Exception {
IDfSysObject sysObj = (IDfSysObject) idfSession.
getObjectByQualification(“dm_document where
object_name=’UniqueDocName’ “);
IDfACL dfACL = (IDfACL) idfSession.getObjectByQualification(“dm_acl where
object_name=’ACL NAME’ “);

How to release a session in docbase using Session Manager ?

Releasing a session makes a session invalid. So if you get an object from a session and then release that session, the object you have is no longer valid.Couple of important points to remember while trying to release a session :

1. Always release your sessions (in a finally)
2. Don’t use objects obtained from a session which has been released

Below i am trying to release a session using session Manager:

public void releaseSession() throws Exception {

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