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DFC Programming Approach

April 17, 2010

DFC enables programmers to access content management functionality through both high-level operations and low-level object method calls. A services layer encapsulates business logic for common processes, such as workflow, data validation, searching, and virtual document management.

 DFC is organized into a set of Interfaces and Classes.

 • DFC implementation classes will begin with Df

 • Interfaces will begin with IDf

Package Description
com.documentum.com Facilitates accessing DFC from COM
com.documentum.fc.client Provides basic functionality:Establishing DFC sessionsRetrieving and validating data

Managing workflows

Manipulating virtual documents

Working with document versions

common.documentum.fc.client.qb Constructs and run queries and SmartLists.
com.documentum.fc.common Supplies utility methods for other DFC classes.
com.documentum.operations Provides high-level functionality, such as checking documents or virtual documents in and out. Provides XML Support.
com.documentum.registry Maintains Documentum information on the client’s system, using the window registry on win32 platforms, and .ini files otherwise.
com.documentum.xml.xql Facilitates constructing Docbase queries that return results in an XML format.

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