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Documentum Foundation Classes (DFC)

April 15, 2010

Documentum Foundation Classes (DFC)

The Documentum DMCL contains the core API to communicate to server. The DFC provides a robust, object oriented wrapper around DMCL API and includes additional functionality.

Documentum Applications depend on Documentum object model and DFC exposes this object model as an object oriented client library. Client side applications such as desktop, WDK, middle-tier libraries use DFC.

          Documentum Foundation Classes (DFC) is an object oriented application programming interface (API) and framework for accessing, customizing, and extending Documentum functionality.

DFC includes

  • A set of interfaces and implementation classes
  • A collection of DLLs to provide DFC functionality
  • A shared library that must be loaded to use DFC with non MS JVM
  • A type library to access DFC via COM

DFC Provides

  • Java-COM Bridge (DJCB) to access the DFC interfaces from COM
  • Primary Interop Assembly (PIA) to access DFC from .NET
  • BOF to embody business rules and patterns in re usable elements

DFC Uses

  • Access Documentum Functionality
  • Customize or extend Documentum Products (Web Top, Desktop)
  • Write method/procedure to be executed on server as part of workflow or lifecycle – method execution on server.
  • Integration of Content Management Functionality into third party Enterprise Applications

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