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Renaming Users Using Documentum Administrator

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While supporting Documentum, there can be a complex situation where we have to rename the user and reassign all objects where user was the owner or a participant to the new name. Following are the list of objects which needs to be changed.

  • ACL (Active control List)
  • Alias Set
  • Sysobjects
  • Workflow and related objects
  • Routers
  • Activities
  • Workflow
  • Workitem
  • dmi_queue_item
  • Groups
  • dm_registered
  • dm_type
  • dmi_type_info

All these things except last 3 can be changed at one shot using “Reassign” tool of Documentum Administrator. The last 3 items needs to be reassigned manually. The process for using reassign tool is as in below.


The process which can be used to rename the user is described in below flowchart. It is a two step process. In step1, we will analyze the effects of renaming the user.


 In step2, we will go ahead and rename the user.


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