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Heart of Content Management System (CMS) – Content Server

March 22, 2010
  1. It is the server that talks to the docbase.
  2. A multi-featured process that provides access to the data and content files that constitute a docbase.
  3. Is accessed by the user through a suite of products provided by Documentum.
  • Documentum Client Applications.
  • Custom Applications
  • Interactive Utilities

Content Management Services

  1. Data Dictionary
  2. Storage and Retrieval
  3. Versioning
  4. Assembly and Publishing (Virtual Documents)

Data Dictionary: The data dictionary stores information about object types and attributes. The data dictionary is a collection of information about object types and their attributes stored as internal data types in eContent Server.


  • Applications can use data dictionary information to enforce business rules or provide assistance for users.
  • Another use of Data Dictionary is we can also have a set of default values for the attributes.

Storage: All files are stored in a single repository called as Docbase. While storing, each document gets unique object ID.

Retrieval: Is obtained by the use of Documentum Query Language (DQL) or API.

Versioning: Maintaining different versions of a document. Default is 1.0.

  • checking out
  • checking in: same , minor and major version

Assembly and Publishing (Virtual Documents):

A virtual document is a container document. It is a way to combine documents whose contents have a variety of formats into one document. For example, suppose you want to publish a document with text content, a document with graphic content, and a spreadsheet as one document. By making the three documents components of one virtual document, you can publish them as one document.

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