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Operations in Documentum

March 19, 2010

There are a number of  Operations that can be performed in Documentum , basics being as in below:

  1. Create New Documents in a docbase.
  2. Import any file into the docbase that you can access from your file system or a network.
  3. View, modify , E-mail and print documents created in your environment (say your department) .
  4. Distribute documents electronically to coworkers and departments.
  5. Access a document from multiple folders or cabinets in a docbase ,from multiple docbases,or from your computer.

In General , Documentum is an application which helps in the management of data .It helps to convert unstructured data into structured data and so allow easy retrieval of information.The data can be of wide variety of formats such as Text ,power point presentations ,spread sheets etc.

With a single platform , Enterprise Content Management (ECM) enables people to collaboratively create ,manage ,deliver and archive information that drives business operations from documents ,records, discussions to email web pages, and rich media too.

In short , Documentum manages the entire lifecycle of high-volume transactional documents-from creation through delivery.

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